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  • 1) Remember, your cheat name has to match with loader name .

    2) Loaders connect to a cloud. "Updated date" does not matter.

    3) Always run cheat first then spoofer.

Dark and Darker

2 files

  1. Jupiter

    WinRAR is free program, and you can download it by pressing HERE
    Download and Install two files bellow:
    1) Download Microsoft VC_redist by pressing HERE
    2) Download and install all 4 software that are included HERE
    - You need to extract the second option (once downloaded) into a folder. Use WinRAR as shown HERE
    - Second link provided above, has 4 folder, make sure to install all of them for cheat to work.
    - In folder (2) run both tools for Direct X
    - In folder (4) The app is in Chinese, its okay, click the option that is labeled (N) twice then click (F) to finish.
    First preparation:

    1) Make sure COD and Battle.net is closed
    2)  Delete any antivirus on your Pc, deactivation is not enough
    3)  Download Defender Control 1.6 from HERE, and make sure its RED color and says disabled
    4) Disable Fast Boot as shown HERE
    5) Disable secure boot from BIOS (If unable to do so delete key management)
    6) Disable all FireWall settings
    7) Please disable ANY and all overlays. This includes, Nvidia, Discord, Xbox Game Bar and any other misc. overlays

    - Make sure COD and Battle.net is closed before proceeding to next steps, you could get ban if you do not do this!  
    How to use the loader
    • Run the loader as administrator.
    • Your PC Will reboot. The first boot ran take some time. especially on Old
    Machines. It can take up to 10 minutes.
    YOU should not do anything with your
    machine during this time.
    • After successfully booting, you can run the game and kill everyone.
    when you in in lobby click Delete key to open and close the menu


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  2. Zeus

    Open Loader Open Game  Click Load (Wait till loader closes, a console should popup in Dark and darker if successful) F6 to start to debug camera, F7 to stop

    Open a ticket in our discord server to get your username and the pass for the loader


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