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Valorant Neptune


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Valorant Neptune

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Always restart your PC after you have finished using this product! 


Download and Install two files bellow:

1) Download Microsoft VC_redist by pressing HERE

2) Download and install all 4 software that are included HERE

- You need to extract the second option (once downloaded) into a folder. Use WinRAR as shown HERE
- Second link provided above, has 4 folders, make sure to install all of them for cheat to work.
- In folder (2) run both tools for Direct X
- In folder (4) The app is in Chinese, its okay, click the option that is labelled (N) twice then click (F) to finish.


First preparation:

1) Make sure to have game set to windowed in game settings - CLOSE GAME AFTER. RESTART PC!!

2)  Delete any antivirus on your Pc, deactivation is not enough

3) Disable real-time protection as shown HERE

4)  Download Defender Control 1.6 from HERE, and make sure its RED colour and says disabled

5) Disable Fast Boot as shown HERE > HERE > HERE (Follow each screenshot)
5A) Disable App & browser control as shown HERE
5B) Disable Exploit protection as shown HERE -> KEEP CFG ENABLED FOR RIOT VANGUARD TO WORK.

6) Disable secure boot from BIOS (If unable to do so delete key management)
(If on WINDOWS 11 please ignore step 6 and keep TMP+SECUREBOOT enabled!)

7) Disable all FireWall settings as shown HERE

8.) Delete FaceIT, ESEA, or any other anti-cheat you might have on your PC. (Keep Riot Vanguard)

10) Disable all overlays, such as; Geforce, AMD, GameBar, (KEEP DISCORD OVERLAY ENABLED!)

11) Disable kernel isolation(Core isolation) Learn how to HERE 

12) If you have Spectre please disable or remove it. 


You will need WINRAR to access this client! 

WINRAR is a free program!
Download WINRAR by pressing HERE



1A) You can download the loader by Clicking "Download this file" located top right of this page.

1B) Please EXTRACT the loader using winrar into a folder. Here is an example: CLICK ME


Loading cheat process:


1. Open folder.

2. Run Discord as ADMIN - Enable overlay if you have not already! 
Make sure to fully close discord after that is checked. 

3. Run .EXE file as admin! 

4. Copy the key and press enter - Key can be found HERE

5. It is preferred that you select option 2 (Spoof) first. - !!! FOR SPOOFER TO WORK YOU HAVE TO RE-INSTALL WINDOWS FIRST!!!
- Mapper, step 5 (OK). This message means you are now spoofed successfully!  

6. Please now create a new Valorant account. This is for your safety and the safety of your main account.
Otherwise continue to next step. 

7. Run .EXE file as ADMIN again if you wish to use cheat

8. Select option 1 to inject the cheat! 
- Loader will close / wait 15-20 seconds and then start the game as normal. 

9. If you see [Valorant] in top left corner, you have successfully injected. Enjoy. Happy hacking 🙂 

Menu key = F3.


To select an aimbot key, you will need to manually enter the digital number assigned to each key. 
To find out which digital number belongs to each key, please view this page 
Example: 1 = Left mouse button | 2 = Right mouse button. 

If you have issues or need help contact our 24/7 live chat support for in real time help setting up.



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