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Eft optix cheat


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The cheese works great, very simple UI you dont need some big fancy menu to get the job done. Esp works fine along with the bone esp, ect. I like the radar feature, it's very nice when you're face down looting a body and always accurate and updates in real time so you never miss a beat of information at any given moment. I like this cheat because I tried the other one and actually had to wipe my pc in order to try and get it to work, but as soon as I tried this one it worked with no problems or anything of the sort. You can use this cheat for hours on end and have no problems at all and that's what I really like about it, with some cheats you're pc will crash and require a restart of the pc and other dumb shit, but not this one, you can play for hours on top of hours and have zero problems at all. The aimbot works too  that easily, the no recoil also works like a dream, I recommend using this

Cheat works great and today I'm buying more of it. Worth every penny.

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