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How not to get your account blocked

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Early level/new user raging or going ham will most likely ban you You are required to use high smoothing/noise values if you are using Aimbot (do not use default settings)
To avoid being banned, do not push everything as if you were raging. Do not have high kill games/high
damage games consistently

Warm up your account before using Aimbot! Also, stay 4 - 8 kills a game. Get to level 40+ before doing any raging. DONT BLAME US FOR YOUR BANS IF YOU DONT LISTEN
Don't play with certain features until you get higher ranked. No heavy pushing with ESP or prefiring. No
playing with Aimbot until higher level. Don't use rage settings. Avoid using high no recoil settings as well
Pushing people with ESP like you wouldn't normally with it off or prefiring is RAGING, you idiot.
Serverside will see this and you will be flagged.

Use legitimate aimbot settings (slow aimbot speed and low FOV) to avoid reports
Use a HWID Spoofer only if you've been banned. A good one is Wzc spoofer
Use aged BNET & aged Activision accounts (at least 3 months old). These accounts do not have a kill limitation.


1) Aimbot usage, I use super small FOV, 15-17 (depending on software ask in support) with the highest smooth rate as possible. This allows me to have more of a very strong aim assist instead of AimBot, so whenever Admin looks over my game-play he will see nothing suspicious about my aiming. Trust me it will help you aim better in the long run plus help you a lot in your games to win.

2) ESP(WallHack) Faking, Pretend like you don't have it! Fake aim at something, don't wall track enemy and don't go directly in the enemy path. Play as you would play like you don't have it! only aim your gun at an enemy that is visible to you! I use ESP(WallHack) to get out of situations that would make me lose, to find a better position, and to know how many players I will be facing. If admin checks your game-play don't give him any reason to suspect you have ESP(WallHack) and you will be just fine.

3) KD and Win Ratio, I know you are excited when getting started for the first time with cheats!
When I first started using cheats I would go in win every game kill anyone in my path and I was having a blast! That is until I got banned ? This is something we do not want for you guys and that's why I give you my guide, from our side we will always do our best to keep the cheat safe and 99% of users that got banned with our cheats was due to abusing the above steps, you can't win every game and kill everyone in every situation, sometimes you need to die and lose the game. I know I know you want to win ? but trust me keeping your KD at good player range and win ration to legit numbers is more important.

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