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[review] Battlefield 2042


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[review] Battlefield 2042
I didn't know this hack platform, and I'm have bit hesitant to buy it.
I started it, and it was a bad start 🤣 BUT thanks to their reactivity and their skills the @Admin and the @Support  helped me quickly enough to solve my startup problems!
So as far as customer service is concerned, I would say a good 9/10, because I was a bit scared when they started using my system, which was not expected 😁
As for the software itself, functional, nothing to say about it, except that graphically, it's ugly xD
Despite the fact that I have to launch the launcher twice because the first time, it crashes, I don't know why.

Don't hesitate to buy from them, they do a good job. If you have a concern, you can contact them by tickets and they are competent in their fields!
I think I would buy in the future on this platform 🤗



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