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Shatterline Jupiter And Optix


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  • Svip

Amazing!  Can't fault either of them,

I started off with Optix as Jupiter hadn't been introduced yet and what can i say, The setup was simple and even if you did have any problems the team are right there to assist with any issues that may arise. No issues in game either, super easy to configure to how ever you want to play. After my time playing around with Optix i noticed they had released Jupiter so i thought why not have a crack at it as well and boy oh boy was i impressed, Once again my expectations had been knocked out of the park. Super simple install, easy configs and the best part yet, More juicy features to play around with.  Fully kitted with inbuilt radar, No recoil, No spread and of course the old but gold aimbot with customizable shot location for a more legitimate look or set it to just split skulls left right and center it has it all. So if you are looking for that sneaky edge on the competition i'd have to say PvCheese has what you are looking for.


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